The Vizcarra Consulting Group (VCG) works exclusively with CEOs and their management teams to develop strategies and stronger and more effective collaborative strategic systems. VCG focuses on designing and improving the execution of key strategies through collaboration, alignment and integration across the entire organization.

"......Frank Vizcarra has served as a mentor to me and my partners as we navigated the strains of growth. He is brilliant at addressing the complexities of business with intuitive management systems that work."

- Erik Oberholtzer, Co-founder of Tender Greens
“Frank provides a unique combination of proven philosophies, strategies and techniques coupled with real-world expertise of a business leader who has operated at all levels of organizations over three decades..”

- Rob Pace, CEO of Goodsnitch and Former Partner of Goldman Sachs
"Frank Vizcarra's expertise and know-how makes all the difference in how quickly you can make an impact as a leader. His process and guidance gets at the core of leadership in both tangible ways (execution and results) as well as intangible ways (vision and emotional intelligence). This session takes the mystery out of leading and gets you started on refocusing your approach to leading on what really matters, the success of your organization and its people.”

- Jean Greaves, PhD & CEO of TalentSmart
"Frank Vizcarra knows how to help leaders be their best. He simplifies what appears complicated, providing managers with tangible tools to empower their people, solve difficult problems and build value. No one gets business leadership better than Frank."

- Jim Nordstrom, Former Co-President of Nordstrom